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The Bucyrus High School Xband was formed from the Bucyrus High School Jazz Band in the Spring of 2006, in response to an overheard conversation between a beginning band student asking her mother if they could stay at the end of the program to see the Jazz Band play.

"You don't like jazz music!"

Over much of the course of the next weekend, a new, much less restrictive name was sought for the Jazz Band…without success. More time was spent looking at a sheet of paper with the words "Jazz Band" written on it than is probably considered healthy, and in an act of frustration, the word "Jazz" was crossed out. When the paper was rediscovered in the morning, the "Xband" was born.

Over the course of the next 15 years, the group underwent many refinements and reorganizations. Bags of tricks were filled, emptied, and re-filled, resulting in an energetic, tenacious school-sponsored band unique to the area…and possibly the state: The Bucyrus High School Xband.

"Xband" is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.